Varsity Lacrosse Profile: Nick Bucci


Being a three-sport athlete isn’t as easy as one would think. With only five iron athletes in the current senior class, sophomore Nick Bucci is in pursuit of that infamous title that is only two years from his reach. Bucci rounds out his third season–he plays football in the fall and basketball in the winter–on the varsity District 117 lacrosse team. Bucci started his competitive lacrosse journey two years ago, but his second year on varsity isn’t the first time he picked up a lacrosse stick and took the field by storm.

“I love that it can be played like basketball,” sophomore Nick Bucci said. “But also with a lot of physical play like hockey, too.”

Bucci plans to play for all four years. He has big dreams for the sport of lacrosse, especially when Antioch and Lakes “finally” make their own separate teams. His biggest goal for the team is to make it far into the playoffs and potentially make it to state and win.

“I would rather go [to college] for basketball, but lacrosse is fun,” Bucci said. “Although, if I had the chance, I would totally play in college.”

Bucci has big goals and aspirations for season better than the last, and he is determined to become one of the best defenseman on the team and to better his game overall. At the end of the day, he loves playing with his friends and making the most of what he has.