Zion Benton Defeats Antioch in a Tough Game

Zion Benton beats Antioch in a blowout game, winning 4-0.

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Bart Krumpos taking a shot on goal.

Robbie Hulting

Bart Krumpos taking a shot on goal.

In the beginning of varsity’s game against Zion, both teams fought for the ball, showing great energy. However, Zion Benton expressed more aggression. Zion kept the pressure on the Sequoits defense throughout the first half. Noah Boehm kept the Sequoits in the game by making great saves. As the first half continued, the Sequoits started slowing down and losing their energy. The score was 1-0, Zion Benton up at the end of the half. 

During halftime, Coach Polakow and Coach Bohmann gathered the boys up and explained that the intensity and ball movement needed to improve. They also expressed that the boys needed to push the ball and give the offense more of an opportunity.

When the second half began, Antioch came out wanting to tie the game at one. However, the Zion defense was more dominant. Halfway through the second half, the Zee-Bees managed to score their second goal making the game 2-0. After that point, Antioch was losing their momentum and the outcome was that Zion scored two more goals and ended up beating the Sequoits 4-0.

“We knew coming into this game that they were really good. We also knew it was going to be a good fight,” said senior Bart Krumpos.

The next varsity boys soccer game is on September 8 at 5 p.m. against the Wauconda Bulldogs at Wauconda High School.