Varsity Profile: Xavier Sanchez

Varsity wrestler Xavier Sanchez is having the most dominant years of his wrestling career.

Varsity Profile: Xavier Sanchez

Sophomore Xavier Sanchez is a Varsity wrestler for the Antioch Sequoits. Sanchez has been wrestling since he was in sixth grade, making it his favorite of the three sports he participates in: wrestling, football and track.

“Wrestling is my favorite sport because it is intense,” Sanchex said. “I am also able to transfer all my anger and take it out on someone.”

Sanchez loves the sport of wrestling because of the physicality it requires to be successful. Since he is wrestling in one of the highest weight classes, he has great physical strength and energy. He also believes this is one of his best seasons as a wrestler.

“I have a way better record than I ever have before, and I am also ranked this year,” Sanchez said.

With the top success he has reached for himself, he also strives to make it to state and place in a high spot. Teammate and junior Deandre Burns also has high expectations for Sanchez to make it very far this year.

“From watching him wrestle this season, I’ve already noticed how much he has improved,” Burns said.

Sanchez’s performance from this year to last year was so phenomenal that even teammates are recognizing the difference in his skill level.

Sanchez is also someone Burns and the team really like, because he can have fun, while still being able to have a good work ethic.

“I love messing around with Sanchez,” Burns said. “He’s a big dude, so I like to press his buttons then run away because I know he can’t catch me. Then he’ll catch me by surprise and start messing around with me too.”

Overall, Sanchez is a great wrestler striving for more success than he has ever reached before. With his size and love for the sport, his hard work can help him achieve anything.