Antioch Volleyball Falls To the Rams

The Sequoit volleyball team continue to put forward their best effort as their season begins to come to a close.


On October 16, the varsity volleyball team traveled to Grayslake Central High School to face off with a difficult opponent, but to hopefully win their seventh game of the season. The Sequoits played a hard-fought three sets but in the end, the Rams prevailed. 

“I think we did pretty good overall, played together and that’s what mattered.” junior Delaney Scott said. “They were more mentally and physically prepared and that’s why they came out with the win.”

The girls went into the game with their chins held high and victory in their sights. They planned on making it as fun as possible because they knew this was possibly one of their last games that they would play together as a team.

Some players that stood out were juniors Sierra SiedleckiCenie Frieson and Lexington Mckillips. They all stood out in their own way by either being a captain, a defensive player or an offensive player.

“[Siedlecki] stood strong and held her own,” Scott said. 

Heading into the last set, it was a brawl between the two teams but in the end, the Rams were able to outlast Antioch, ending the game 2-1. The lady Sequoits fought to the very last point of each game but it wasn’t enough. They hope to learn from their mistakes and continue to become greater and flourish throughout the rest of the season.