What It Feels Like To Always Be Happy

By Jordan DeLara // As Told to Griffin Hackeloer

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What It Feels Like To Always Be Happy

I have always had a positive outlook on life. It never mattered if I completely butchered my lines in an audition or I went out on stage and danced like a monkey. No matter what, I always do my best.

Some may think that people who always seem to be happy never have any bad days. In reality, that is not true. I have had a few rough days recently. With all that has gone on in my life, it has definitely been difficult to keep that smile that everyone expects.

Most days I am a very happy and optimistic person. My friends and family are the real reason why I wear a smile on my face every day. They constantly make me laugh and are talking to me throughout my days and checking in with me to see how my day is going. During the day, I am in constant contact with my family, whether that be talking to them via Snapchat or texting them. Those conversations are what keep me going.

Along with my family, those who help me maintain my always positive attitude are my friends. My friends fill me with confidence and help me fill every room that I am in with smiles and positivity.

One of my favorite things to do is to make others smile. When I make others smile, that is what brings a smile to my face. My favorite way to bring a smile to people’s faces is to make them laugh. Seeing people laugh makes me realize that there’s no reason to be sad.

Alongside my family, I am constantly praying to God throughout the day in order for God to give me the strength to be the best person that I can be every single day.

God plays a major role in my happiness. I am a practicing Lutheran. Having a strong connection with God means that I always have someone watching over my head and someone who will always do what is best for me. Furthering my connection with God also assists me in furthering the connections that I have with my friends.

God has played a major role in my happiness as I began practicing Lutheran from a young age. Attending a private school that teaches the practices of Lutheran has helped me to develop a stronger connection with God. In developing this connection between God and myself, it has made me more comfortable because I know that I always have someone watching over me. Not only my connection with God has been strengthened by my practice, the connections that I have developed with my friends will last a lifetime.

As a Lutheran, I believe that God is with me all of the time and that He has a plan for me. There have been lots of times where I feel very lonely. After those lonely times I can always reflect and know that I am always happy and am having fun.

Growing up at a private school, I grew an independency. Everyone has fears, everyone has anxiety. When I have a day where I am feeling scared or anxious, I know that I can look to God and that no matter what, He has my back.

Practicing Lutheran brings a smile to my face because I know that I am developing a strong connection with God and it is what keeps me happy. And as long as I am happy, I know that God will be too.

All of these things help me to be the most positive and happy person that I can be. Knowing that I have these people to support me in everything that I do helps me be a happier person each and every day. No matter what I decide to do, my mom and dad have always supported me. Having this support helps give me the confidence to do whatever I choose to do, and to help others do the same.

Always being happy isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when there are so many negative things going on in the world around us.

I have found that when you stop worrying about all the negative things in life that surround us, you can start to really live your life.

When you focus on the negatives in your life, you never get the chance to open up your eyes and see life for what it really is. To some, being happy means that they slap on a face and ignore what is really getting under their skin. Some days this is a necessity.

For me, being happy has always come to me without a problem. Sure there are those rough days once in a while. But everyone has those, no matter who you are.

It doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire living in a mansion or a homeless man on the side of the road. No matter what, everyone is capable of being truly happy.

For me, what makes me happy is being with others that make me happy and seeing others smile. Sometimes, just a simple smile can make someone’s day.