What’s In Your Bag: Charlie Smith


Junior Charlie Smith is one of the standout players on the boy’s cross country team. Like all athletes, Smith carries around his cross country bag that contains anything he needs for games and practices. His bag includes his uniform, track spikes, warm ups, a snack and a water bottle.

“I put on [my jersey] before the race, but I rarely use my warm ups,” Smith said.

Like all athletes, runners have to hydrate and fill their bodies so they can perform to their best ability. One of the worst thing that could happen to an cross country athlete would be a cramp or nausea during a race, which prevents them from continuing.

“I need my water and my snack before the race,” Smith said.

Running cross country is a difficult feat, especially when it rains. The ground becomes muddy and sticks to shoes. Spikes are very important when it comes to running races both in the sun and the rain so the athlete does not slip.

“I’ve run in races without spikes, and it’s awful,” Smith said.

Every sport requires different equipment and for Smith, these are his essentials for a successful race.