What’s In Your Bag: Cheerleading

Kylee Craig tells us what’s in her cheer bag.

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October 2, 2019

Kylee Craig

Kylee Craig is a flyer on varsity cheer. She has many qualities such as her hard work and dedication that make her an important part of the team. Her bag includes many necessities that helps her be successful.

In every sport, there are certain objects an athlete needs in order for them to perform to their best ability. Varsity cheerleader, Kylee Craig, gives insight on what she brings to practice daily and the more meaningful items that make her bag special.

Being prepared is a huge part of excelling at practices and becoming better as an athlete. For Craig, coming to practice with her cheer shoes makes a huge difference.

“My cheer shoes are the most important thing in my cheer bag because, without them, I cannot practice and by not practicing I would not only lose reps, but so would the team,” Craig said.

Everyone has insignificant items in their bag, that are meaningless or not useful anymore. For Craig, three years involved in the Antioch cheer program left her with pieces she may no longer need. 

“The least important thing in my cheer bag is my freshman year competition cuff because I do not wear it anymore,” Craig said.

Even though it holds no real use to her, there is still a memory associated with it and that separates her bag from everyone else’s.

“My bows are my favorite thing on my cheer bag because they are reminders of the memories I’ve had over the years cheering,” Craig said.

Having a bag in the sport allows the sport to be that much more enjoyable. All athletes have their favorite part of their bag, that stands out to them. For Craig, hers gives her flashback memories from years of cheering. That is why personalizing her bag to make it best suitable for her.