The Sequoits Lose Their First Game of the Season

Antioch took their first loss against Lake Forest with a final score of 7-10.

Cassidy Thomas

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The Sequoit football team lost their season opener on Friday, August 30 making their record 0-1. This was their first regular season loss in three years. Before the game started, the fan section was full and the players were preparing for their first season match-up.

“We started out with a lot of energy and we were ready to play some football,” senior captain and linebacker Jackson DeVaughn said. “We were all determined to win.”

The first half was a battle between the two opposing defenses. The Sequoits could not get through the strong Lake Forest defense and at the end of the half, the score was 0-3 in favor of the Scouts. Towards the end of the third quarter, the Sequoits came through with an interception and touchdown from, senior captain and wide receiver, TreShawn Watson. The extra point was kicked by junior Aidan Weir, making the score 7-3. Despite the positive energy going into the fourth quarter, Lake Forest scored a touchdown off of a fumble making the score 7-10 in favor of the Scouts.

“Throughout the game everyone was really hyped up and we felt good,” junior and defensive lineman Lucas Bentley said. “However, after [Lake Forest’s] first touchdown we tried not to let it affect us. On defense we used everything we had, but that touchdown ultimately won the game.”

Amongst the chaos in the fourth quarter, junior quarterback and captain Athan Kaliakmanis took a clean hit and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. According to Kaliakmanis and his family, he is only taking a few days off and then heading back to work.

“The loss last Friday will help us moving forward,” Watson said. “We’ve always been the team to beat and still are. With that loss, it will help us stay humble and show us that we have to continue to work hard to be where we want to be at week 14.”

The Sequoits are going to keep their heads held high moving into week two’s home game against Woodstock North.