Whats In Your Bag: Football

Joey Wanke shows us what sis in his bag.

Athan Kaliakmanis

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For football, there is a lot of things you need to wear in order to play the game. Players have pads, cleats, helmet, and a mouth guard. Junior Joey Wanke shows us whats in his bag and why it is necessary for football.

“I have shoulder pads, knee/thigh pads, gloves, cleats, a mouth guard and gloves,” Wanke said. “There is no other choice but for me to wear these. I feel like the game is a lot more fun and I feel like you are safe no matter what.”

Even though Wanke has a lot of stuff in his locker, they are all very much used. One thing that is most important to him is his gloves.

“I love the gloves,” Wanke said. “Not only do the gloves help you catch the ball, but they give you a different kind of look. They make you stick out and that is what I love about wearing them.”

Wanke is playing his first year of high school football as a junior in high school. He loves the fans, the support, the coaches, and the teammates. He hopes this year he improves as a player and as a teammate.