Whats in Your Bag: Girls Basketball

Riforgiato shows us what is in her bag and why they’re important for her sport.


The beginning of the varsity girls basketball season is underway, with the Sequoits starting the season off with a four day tournament at Vernon Hills going 1-3. The Sequoits bounced back with three straight wins against North Chicago, Richmond-Burton and Round Lake. Each player used their strengths to help the team come out on top, including junior Gianna Riforgiato.  

Every sport has important items to use everyday for a game or practice. On and off the court, Riforgiato utilizes items to strengthen her game and to help contribute to the success of the team.

“I use the knee brace because my knee cap locks up on me, so to prevent it from doing that, the brace helps keep it in place,” Riforgiato said. “Last year, I tore my labrum and my shoulder brace helps my shoulder stay in place and not dislocate.”

Although Riforgiato’s bag might not have a large amount of items, every item is in her bag for a reason. For example, she has an inhaler and an extra pair of headphones. 

“I use my inhaler to help when I have a shortness of breath because I have terrible asthma, so I use around two pumps of it before every game to make sure I keep my asthma in check,” Riforgiato said. “The most important thing I bring with me is my headphones because I love to listen to music before games to calm my nerves and help me focus.”

Riforgiato may travel light but it’s all in the name of the game. While being on varsity she plans on keeping herself safe and helping the team out every way she can to continue their successful season so far.