What’s In Your Bag: Niall Schoenfelder


Whether an athlete puts their sports gear in a car, a locker or a bag that is carried around the school day, every athlete has their own way of keeping track of what they need for their sport. Junior Niall Schoenfelder is an athlete that carries around a bag with all of the important items that he needs to wrestle. Schoenfelder is committed to wrestling and there are many items in his wrestling bag that are essential for him to become a great athlete.

Question: What is the most important thing in your bag?

Answer: My lucky bouncy ball is the most important because of the way it reminds me to be quick and have fun.

Q: Are there any punishments for forgetting specific items in your bag?

A: Not really, if I was to forget something I can usually borrow what I forgot from someone else for the day.

Q: If your wrestling bag was lost, how much would it cost to replace it?

A: If all I had to do was replace my bag, then it would be no cost at all because I have plenty of other wrestling bags.

Q: What is most valuable in your bag?

A: My wrestling shoes are the most valuable thing in my bag.

Q: Can you tell me some of the uses for items in your bag?

A: My shoes are what I use so I can wrestle, my headgear is something I have to wear in order to wrestle and my bouncy ball helps me feel like I’m unstoppable.

Q: Is there anything in your bag that has memories in itself?

A: My wrestling shoes that I have in my bag are the ones that I wore when I qualified for state.

Q: Is there anything in your bag that helps you get ready for a match or practice?

A: The caffeine pills I have in my bag helps me get energized for every match I wrestle in.

Every sport needs different equipment and materials, but for Schoenfelder, these simple items are key to a successful match or practice.