Winter Weather Takes a Toll on Roads

Extreme weather conditions in Illinois create many dangers for drivers.


Sarah Smith

Weather conditions continue to create deadly accidents for drivers.

Whether one is driving ten minutes or two hours, being prepared for the extreme weather conditions is important for all drivers. Avoiding driving when it is not necessary, however, is an option that may benefit drivers when the weather is not safe to drive in.

Recent weather conditions in Antioch and surrounding towns have been announced as dangerous for drivers and have created many car accidents. This dangerous weather has consisted of snowstorms, ice on roads and record breaking low temperatures.

Many students have been in car accidents due to the hazardous winter weather conditions, but driving is sometimes necessary and can be a scary way of traveling for some; new and inexperienced drivers, especially, may have a hard time driving in these conditions.

“I am fortunate enough to have a good car, considering the snow and ice,” senior Karina Steitz said. “I am more careful and I prepare by warming up my car longer and making sure my windshields aren’t covered with ice.”

Many accidents, injuries and deaths have been caused by the uncontrollable weather this winter. Acknowledging the extremity of this weather and avoiding traveling through it may be the best option for drivers.

“One person was killed and dozens of drivers were stranded following a pileup of more than 100 cars on Interstate 41 in the town of Vinland,” said Devi Shastri and Sophie Carson of the Appleton Post Crescent. “Whiteout conditions caused the ‘chain reaction crash’ at 11:10 a.m., said Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Todd Christopherson.”

One death has been confirmed and the Jaws of Life, a life saving tool that is used to free people trapped in cars, have been used to save the people from this crash. This crash is one of hundreds this winter and it is not yet over, so continuing to stay safe and prepare for these conditions is crucial and may be lifesaving.