A guide to Valentine’s Day

Anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day; here are a few great things to love and learn about the holiday.



Do not miss out on having a great Valentine’s Day. This holiday is all about love and there are so many fun ways to spend it.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it can be a fun holiday for everyone. However, there is more to Valentine’s Day than just candy hearts and chocolate. Whether you are spending this day alone or not, there are many different things to do.

Valentine’s Day has been around since February 14, A.D. 496 and still holds a date on the calendar today. This day has various meanings behind it and may be spent differently depending on the person. A historical meaning behind it was to remember St. Valentine and his death.

According to History.com, some people believe that Valentine’s Day is to commemorate the passing of St. Valentine himself which had occurred in A.D. 270.

Although this holiday has been around for a while now, people have put their own spin on it. Valentine’s Day is now known as a very romantic and loving holiday.

“I like Valentine’s Day because it gives me a day to tell all the people I love, that I love them,” junior Callie Bemis said. “I think Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the people you love the most.”

Valentine’s Day does not necessarily mean you need to have a significant other or a partner to spend the day with. There are always other people like parents, friends, grandparents, furry friends and designating a little time for self-care time are great ways to show a little extra love on this national holiday.

There are a lot of different people to spend the day with and so many different things to do that do not include a fancy dinner.

According to self.com, things like decorating a Valentine’s Day tree, going to a rage room, having your astrology chart read, making Valentine’s Day cards, buying yourself something special, making a fancy pizza at home and much more are all fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

There is no set standard for this holiday and there is no need to feel the pressure of Valentine’s Day. Spending the day solo or with friends is equally fun.

Some people enjoy gift-giving on Valentine’s Day. While this gift is usually something sweet or something sentimental to show someone you love, it can also be tricky to know what to get someone. Whether it is a friend, significant other, family member or someone else.

According to BusinessInsider.com, there is always a gift for everyone such as a bunch of roses, a box of sweet treats, gourmet cheese, a wallet, slippers, candles, socks and more.

Gifts do not need to be difficult or expensive. Some say it is the thought that counts, not the gift itself.

While the holiday only comes once a year, it is celebrated by most to show their love and support to one another or themselves. Spending it in a way that makes yourself or other people feel loved is just as important as spending it the “traditional” way because there is no right or wrong way to spend Valentine’s Day.