A Headstart on Spirituality

If one wants to begin the path onto their spiritual journey, there are some essentials to know about a spiritual awakening.


Grace Semple

Learning and hearing other’s stories on manifesting, angel numbers, healing stones/crystals and meditation may new interests.

Spirituality is the presence of a human spirit or soul as opposed to some material or physical things. There are many ways to get intact with one’s higher self and enjoy a spiritual awakening. For example, crystals, healing stones and noticing angel numbers. Angel numbers are signs that a person’s angel is trying to show or tell them something. These are a great welcome to spirituality, however, journaling, manifesting and meditating are just as exciting!


Crystals and healing stones can be super effective for many different reasons. All crystals do different things. 


According to Healthline, one crystal, Obsidian, is an intensely protective stone and is said to help form a shield against physical and emotional negativity. Also, amethyst is said to be incredibly protective, healing and purifying. There are many more crystals that do many different things.


“Each stone has a certain healing unit,” freshman Faith Correa said. “ For example, rose quartz is a loving and healing stone. I have noticed some changes recently that I am more positive about things, such as school and getting my work done.”


Working with or around crystals can be helpful and beneficial for those who use them. It is also very important to cleanse them before using, so they are clean of all previous energy. Make sure to do this periodically, so they have space to absorb more.


As for angel numbers, many people love seeing these. There are so many and they all mean different things.


According to WellandGood, there is much to know about angel numbers. They give a great example of what it may look like to see these signs. For example, imagine if a person woke up at some point at 2:22 a.m. , then bought a coffee for $2.22, then they watched a movie that’s 2 hours and 22 minutes long. Noticing these patterns may not be a coincidence.


Celebrity spirit guide Mystic Michaela mentioned that when seeing a repeating number, it is a person’s angel pointing to them and making sure they feel seen and heard.


“38 is a number that I started to see constantly,” senior Grace Rowe said. “I realized that when it was showing up more prominently and often, it was always during some of my hardest times.” 


People may love seeing certain numbers together because they may give one a sense of reassurance and a sign to keep going. 


“Seeing this number brought me genuine happiness and a sense of relief in a way knowing God sees me struggling, and reminds me that it is going to be okay,” Rowe said. 


Using crystals and healing stones can allow the same feeling as seeing angel numbers everyday. After taking a look at these things, lives may change.