Antioch Elementary School Building Repurposed as Early Learning Center

The purpose of the historic Antioch Elementary School has been refocused as an early learning center for children.


Antioch Elementary School has recycled its purpose as a early learning center. Mary Kay McNeil Learning Center is a program that services preschool and kindergarten.

Antioch Elementary School has been around for decades; generations of families have grown up through the school. AES has recently been converted to Mary Kay McNeill Early Learning Center (MKM Early Learning Center). Many students who have gone to AES have mixed feelings about the new use of the building.

“I feel good about it because the building was insufficient in meeting the needs of older kids,”  sophomore Ravyn Edran said. “[MKM Early Learning Center] will benefit the community because its resources are more focused towards younger kids that don’t need high-end technology.”

Edran grew up going to AES, but she believes the new purpose of the old school is practical. Other students who also attended AES are neutral on the topic.

“I thought it was going to be torn down, so hearing that it’s going to be an early learning center is kind of nice,” sophomore Jacob Slabosz said. “I really liked the school while I was there”

There are mixed thoughts on the conversion of AES into MKM Early Learning Center from the perspectives of previous elementary school students. The goal of the early learning center is to educate young kids and this will hopefully benefit the community in many ways.