Antioch Football Crushes Wauconda

The Antioch Sequoits varsity football team defeated Wauconda 49-13 on Friday night.


The Sequoit varsity football team played against the Wauconda Bulldogs on Friday, September 14, at home.

“We came out fast and physical,” senior Nick Wiley said. “It really helped set the tone for the rest of the night.”

The boys came out strong against the Bulldogs with Zachary Grindley scoring a touchdown with 5:18 left in the first quarter. Brandon Reynolds then added to the lead as he received the two point conversion.

“Big moments in the game were the deep balls thrown by Athan and received by Zach,” sophomore Ethan Holmes said. “Zach had the speed to outrun any defender in the defense.”

With 4:06 left in the first quarter, Grindley scored yet another touchdown for 67 yards. The score was 14-0 to the Sequoits at the end of the first.

“We started off strong on both sides of the ball,” sophomore Caden Jimenez said. “We got a couple penalties, but that didn’t slow us down.”

When the second quarter started, the Sequoits came out smart and fast when Reynolds scored a 51 yard touchdown and Athan Kaliakmanis threw a two point conversion to Ben Nauman, making the score 24-0 with 11:23 in the second quarter.

“The team really wanted worked together to win,” sophomore Dino Kaliakmanis said. “[We] need to keep working together and communicate.”

Nauman scored a touchdown with 4:20 left in the second quarter, but the Bulldogs answered back and scored. At the half, the score was 30-7 still in favor of the Sequoits.

“Our defense was strong and stayed in it the entire game,” Holmes said. “Our offense was pounding the ball the way we always have.”

In the third quarter, TreShawn Watson scored a 21 yard touchdown with 7:09 left. Kevin Tebbe had an interception leaving the Sequoits at first and ten with 5:07 left in the third. Wauconda then scored a touchdown with 3:49 left, making the score 36-13. Wiley then scored a touchdown with 3:46 left in the third.

“When they scored on us, we just made sure we didn’t make anymore mistakes,” Jimenez said. “We need to work on finishing the game strong.”

Grindley scored yet another touchdown and the extra point was good leaving the score at 49-13 with 5:11 left in the fourth.

“I think this game really gave us a glimpse of what we are capable of,” Wiley said. “We need to work on the little details that will set us apart from the other teams in the state.”

The defense came out holding the Bulldogs to only thirteen points the entire game and the final score was 49-13 in favor of the Sequoits. Come support the Sequoits this Friday as they take on the Grant Bulldogs at 7:15 p.m. at home.