Antioch Students Going Loco For Hoco

Antioch Community High School Students share their creative homecoming proposal inspiration.


Sarah Benes

Many students use proposals such as volleyballs to ask their peers to homecoming.

Homecoming is an important event for many students at ACHS; it is the first major school event for freshmen and a memorable last experience for seniors. The weeks leading up to the event put pressure on some students to ask someone to be their date to the dance. There is a wide variety of styles for homecoming proposals including using a poster, a volleyball or even a pet.

Sophomore Tyler Cook used an unconventional style to ask his girlfriend to homecoming. Knowing what his date takes interest in helped him find what would be the best fit.

“I’m using a sign that says ‘I have a beary important question’,” Cook said. “I’ll then give her a Build-A-Bear with the voice recording in it of me asking her to homecoming.”

The style Cook used costs more and took more time, yet he insists it was a creative and unique proposal. This idea formulated because Cook gets his girlfriend a stuffed animal every time he goes on a trip, even if it is a small trip for hockey. Keeping the tradition of stuffed animals alive was the main inspiration for this style of homecoming proposal.

Some ideas come easier to some than to others, such as sophomore Eric Grose’s idea to use a volleyball and poster to ask his girlfriend to homecoming. Using sports equipment such as volleyballs or soccer balls is a way of assuring that the person is interested in the proposal if they play the referenced sport.

“I went to one of her games and I already had the volleyball idea in my mind,” Grose said “She did really good. She scored 14 aces and the idea just came to my head.”

From the students that answered a survey about homecoming proposals, ten percent used sports equipment. Asking someone to homecoming using a ball or racket is time efficient as well as cost efficient. Students that reported the cost of the materials used for their sports themed homecoming proposal stated that the cost was less than $25.

There are many different styles of homecoming proposals, each design having a variety of requirements. Picking a style that is meaningful to specific people can be crucial to a successful homecoming proposal.