Battling for Open Arms Mission

The District Interact club went head to head to see who could raise the most money.


valerie rosek

Junior Gavin Calabrese found that the best way of collecting change was by asking his classmates and friends for any loose change they have laying around. His contribution further helped Antioch Community High School win the battle against Lakes Community High School.

This year the Interact Club held its ninth annual Battle for Change fundraiser to help the Open Arms Mission in Lake County. The Open Arms Mission is a food pantry that helps families that need food and daily life necessities. 

The Interact Club competed against their rivals, Lakes Community High School, to see who could raise the most money in one school week. This event took place during the week of homecoming and the winner was announced at the Lakes vs Antioch football game. During the week of The Battle for Change, Interact Club members tried to raise as much money as they could to help people in need.

 “We had different interact members walking around with containers to [collect] some change, or they went to teachers and asked for a donation,” Interact Club sponsor Megan Mcdonell said.

 Members of the club took time out of their passing periods to ask for donations, while other members went outside of school to raise more money for The Open Arms Mission.

“I also went to The Lodge in [town] and I went to the [Antioch] Rotary club meeting,” Interact Club president Paytin Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen was one of the many members that went to raise money for this event outside of school, contributing to the the total of over $1,000 from both Antioch and Lakes.