Benefits of biking

Bike riding can be beneficial for the mind, body and spirit and there are more than enough local places to participate in this activity.


Grace Semple

While going on bike rides there are always scenic views.

Biking is an activity that people can participate in all year long, whether that means biking outside on a trail, inside the gym or in a SoulCycle class with friends. People are often looking for ways to move their bodies and reduce stress, and biking gives people the opportunity to accomplish different health goals.

Beginning with mental health benefits, biking can improve and reduce poor mental health—the constant and full body movements allow for the body and brain to relax.

According to MensLineAustralia, cycling can improve social interactions while simultaneously improving overall mood. Biking can also improve sleep, memory and promotes better mental health for humans.

By bicycling 3-5 times a week for about 30 minutes to an hour, people can see a positive shift in their brain activity. People’s brains grow in a similar way as muscles do, and with biking, people can change the way the brain flows in a good way.

“In the summer, I bike a lot,” senior Shawn O’Connor said. “It takes away a lot of stress just being out in the open.”

Many people recommend exercise in general as a way to alleviate anxiety, sadness or even anger. Biking can be a valuable opportunity for people who like to venture outdoors and stay indoors. It also allows people to workout solo or in group settings.

Antioch Community High School offers an individual gym class that has a biking unit for those interested. The unit is included in the curriculum for people who may not have a bike at home or receive the opportunity to ride bikes often.

“Biking is a great life activity that everyone should have the opportunity to try and hopefully enjoy, ” physical education teacher Mitchell Munda said. “Our PE department does a great job at diversifying students’ experience when it comes to fitness activities. Biking is a great option for cardiovascular and muscle endurance improvement.”

Students can join the individual gym class if they are interested in biking, or they can go to the cardio room after school with a supervisor.

Whether some one bikes for fun or for the benefits, it is overall beneficial to the mind, body and spirit. By biking, people can improve their immune system and endurance, as well as decrease mental health issues.