Students Stay in Shape From Home

Those who relied on gym memberships to exercise were left to find new ways to stay in shape.


Adobe Spark

Working out at home can be a struggle, so creating a workout routine can be helpful and efficient.

Prior to COVID-19, working out in public gyms was considered safe for people to do. Many people had workout routines that consisted of going to the gym almost every day. Due to the pandemic, many gyms are either closed or limited, meaning individuals must find a new way to workout.


Staying home to exercise is a safe and easy way to stay in shape. According to the American Heart Association, working out at home is very safe because there are fewer germs. In a gym, a medicine ball has numerous amounts of germs on it. Staying home and buying cheaper equipment can be safer than using gym equipment. 


Watching YouTube videos, finding online workout plans or coming up with your workouts is an easy and affordable way to workout at home. Sophomore Brayden Cecchi works out frequently from his house.


“When I workout right now with what’s going on, I do it all at my house and in my neighborhood,” Cecchi said.


Consistently working out can be difficult, but staying motivated can help. Motivation is key to working. According to Gombera MD, setting goals is very motivational and helps push the body to keep going. Sophomore Cailey Miller, who works out in her garage, works to remain motivated.


“When I first started exercising consistently, I had to almost force myself to stick to three to four days a week, like building a habit…but now it’s pretty easy because I enjoy it,” Miller said.


Maintaining a routine and working out just a few days will help the body stay in shape and stay motivated.


According to Healthline, working out every day, however, can cause negative effects like fatigue and injuries. Over-exercising can hurt the body and cause pulled muscles. Taking off-days is greatly important because it allows the body to heal. 


Just like working out, eating is also important to remain healthy. Consistently working out without eating is detrimental to the body. Eating after working out will repair the body and give it more energy. According to Healthline, after working out, the muscles rebuild and grow; eating after exercising helps the muscles rebuild and grow faster and consuming carbs and protein after a workout is very important.


Once more, staying home, exercising, and eating healthy will help keep people safe while allowing their bodies to be healthy.