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Are the signs true to you?

Everyone has their dedicated zodiac signs; whether they choose to believe it is up to them.

A person’s zodiac sign is based on their birthday. Each zodiac sign has specific traits that are commonly associated with people, which can encompass their personality or the different activities they enjoy. Sometimes, they can describe what a person with a certain zodiac sign looks like. 

According to, Capricorns are said to have thin upper lips and clear skin, and some traits include having their lives revolve around goals and being an overly serious person. Freshman Mycah Thompson – who is a Capricorn – believes that these traits do not apply to her.

“I focus more on the present, not the future,” Thompson said.  “I’m not very serious; I [tend to] take things easy.”

The next zodiac is Aquarius, who are stereotyped to have small facial features, such as lips and ears, according to Additionally, they are said to be extremely lazy people who are very stubborn. Freshman Elle Lubke – an Aquarius – says these traits are both true and false. 

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“I see myself as a stubborn person because I get upset really easily,” Lubke said. “ I can’t be lazy because I have a busy schedule.”

Pisces are the next zodiac sign. According to Cosmopolitan, they are said to usually have dimples and a very round facial shape. Pisces thrive around people and are known to typically keep their feelings to themselves. They are often extroverts because they like to be around other people so much. Sophomore Mason Lobodzinski says these traits are true. 

“It brings me the energy as an extrovert,” Lobodzinski said.  “Usually, if I’m feeling very sad, I don’t tell people.”

Aries are said to have a very prominent facial structure and a very prominent personality to match. They are optimistic and very dependent on others. Freshman Enza Nawrocki says that these are true to her as a person. 

“I think I’m an optimistic person,” Nawrocki said. “I’d rather always do something with someone. I’m definitely not an independent person.”

Tauruses are said to have a round face and very thick hair. They tend to be self-reliant and optimistic. Freshman Scarlett Victor says these describe her very well as a person. 

“[I tend to rely on myself] because I know I’m going to hold myself accountable,” Victor said. “Focusing on the good is better than focusing on the bad. You shouldn’t let the bad things control you.”

Geminis are said to be one of the most disliked zodiac signs. They gained the reputation of being two-faced; however, they are said to be very productive people. Geminis are also known to be tall, and their eyes tend to stick out as being a defining feature. Sophomore Nicole Kutcher says this is true. 

“I don’t like sitting around all day,” Kutcher said. “I like to be productive.”

Cancers typically have bright round eyes and perfect skin. Their other common traits include taking things very personally, and they are extremely emotional people. Sophomore Brynn Glauser is positive these are true. 

“I tend to hold things against people,” Glauser said. “I’m definitely emotional, but not overly emotional.”

Leos are also one of the most hated signs. They are stereotyped as being self-obsessed. Physically, Leos are said to have a full head of hair and an attractive side profile. They are natural-born leaders and love to start projects. Sophomore Elise Justis says otherwise. 

“I am quiet and reserved,” Justis said. “Typically when I start a project, I do really good in the beginning and then it only gets worse.”

Next, Virgos often have a very oval-shaped face and very strong cheekbones. Virgos are known as extreme health nuts, and they are very goal-oriented. Sophomore Ali Davis says this is incorrect 

“I do not eat [very healthy], I eat junk food often,” Davis said “I focus more on the present, not the future.”

Libras are said to have wavy hair and very full facial shapes. They are non-confrontational people, and they are very big overthinkers. Sophomore Jack Holway says this is very true. 

“I just let [people] do their thing,” Holway said. “I don’t want to get into a fight. I’ll think about something that didn’t even happen.”

Scorpios are often seen as being cold or standoffish. They are reserved and almost always trust their gut feelings. They are said to have a small build and small facial features. Sophomore Ava Yeager says this is somewhat true. 

“I always like to think it’s one answer [but it never is]” Yeager said  “I don’t talk to anyone and I don’t tell anyone anything.”

Sagittarius are the last zodiac sign on the list. Sagittariuses are said to have long legs and a tiny nose. They are very adventurous and extremely positive people. Sophomore Macie Volkmar says this is true. 

“I like to try new things [a lot],” Volkmar said. “I’m a [pretty] positive person when it comes to most things.”

As the students of Antioch Community High School have shown, most people are similar to what their zodiac signs say. Everyone has their own zodiac sign, but the question still stands; “Is your sign true to you?”

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Sofia Tinker, Reporting Manager
Sofia Tinker is a senior; this is her fourth year on staff and second year on the executive board. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends, go shopping and get Starbucks. Tinker is very excited to meet all the new staffers and have a great year.
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