Continuing the Northern Lake County Conference winning streak

The Sequoits defeat North Chicago 47-0.

Last Friday, on Sept. 16, the Antioch Community High School football team defeated North Chicago during their second conference game at North Chicago High School. 

Although there was a small crowd due to the travel of an away game, the game and energy picked up quickly as senior Aiden Lennon scored the first touchdown at the beginning of the first quarter. Followed by a second touchdown from senior Joey Neumann with a good kick from junior Carter Webb

Later in the first quarter, sophomore Martin Cohen scored a touchdown and then junior Nick Day ran another touchdown resulting in the Sequoits 27 to the Warhawks 0 at the end of the first quarter. 

“You could tell that not having the Cardinal Crazies at the game kind of brought down the mood of all of the players and we were not as pumped up,” Day said. “I think the team felt confident going into the game having watched a lot of film and having our scout team working with us all week.”

In the second quarter, Lennon scored two touchdowns, followed by another touchdown from senior Quade Moll.

“I had my first receiving touchdown ever and 2 more rushing touchdowns after that,” Lennon said. “I finished [the game] with a total of 130 yards.”  

At half the Sequoits led 47-0. As things slowed down at the start of the second half, the Sequoits were able to sub in their underclassman for some playing time. 

The final score of the game was 47-0, continuing the conference winning streak. The Sequoits hope to continue their streak for senior night against Wauconda. 

“I feel like I do not really need the fans’ energy as long as all my family is there for more support,” Moll said. 

This upcoming game against Wauconda seems to be the most challenging this season as they are 3-0 in the conference and 5-0 overall. Catch the Sequoits on Friday, Sept. 30, at the Sequoit stadium.