Crazy About Conspiracies

Explanations for why people believe in conspiracies.


Natasha Reid

Conspiracy theories pop up everywhere; it can feel like there’s a conspiracy theory for everything. In short, a conspiracy theory is the idea that a big organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

Conspiracy theories cover many topics, such as the moon landing being fake, and even go as far as saying that 9/11 was organized by the government. But why do people believe in these crazy conspiracies?

“Conspiracy theories usually crop up during times of uncertainty and fear,” TIME Magazine said. “Past research suggests if people don’t have control of the situation, they’ll try to make sense of it and find out what happened.”

This can lead to people stretching or altering the truth to make it seem like something did or did not happen. Regardless of opinions on conspiracy theories, some continue to believe in them, like senior Jack Gabriel.

“Not everything labeled as a conspiracy is untrue,” Gabriel said. “Sometimes there is evidence, and you just have to weigh through them.”

On the other hand, some will still say conspiracy theories are untrue, like junior Kyle Boudreau.

“I do not believe in conspiracy theories, because they are all just speculations, and not based on any facts,” Boudreau said.