Crazy for Colleen

As reading becomes popular on TikTok, author Colleen Hoover makes her impact on many through booktok.


Fiona Serifov

Colleen Hoovers wide range of novels appeals to many audiences, mainly young adults.

As some may know, social media has become a vast platform for inspiring others to try new things. In this case, author Colleen Hoover, #1 New York Times bestselling author of 22 novels, has struck her audience with her profound works, offering the primary genre of young adult romance fiction with a mix of suspense and thriller. She successfully grabbed the attention of many while creating new readers in the nation. 

 Due to the attention created on social media, Hoover’s books have become a trend that has sparked inspiration among the young adult audience. Booktok is the name of the sensational outlet on the platform TikTok, establishing a channel to share the recent and popular books trending with people nationwide. Hoover has spread like wildfire through this, creating a stronger fan base for people craving more of her novels. 

“I saw [Hoover’s books] all over TikTok,” junior Katie Decremer said. “All my friends were reading it, so I just hopped on the trend.”

An Instagram poll was taken with students and staff from the Sequoit Media Instagram account. Out of the viewers, 53% said they heard and read a Hoover novel via hearing about it through TikTok. A numerous amount were exposed due to the data standing slightly over the 50% mark.

Hoover has a realm of over 35 books written. The most popular novel causing an uproar was “It Ends With Us,” which focuses around three main characters: Lily Bloom, Atlas Corrigan and Ryle Kincaid. A love triangle soon unfolds, and this mixture of suspense and romance has many readers on the edge of their seats. Other stories that Hoover has written follow similar writing styles, giving her fandom more to look forward to as her career progresses.

“I looked into [booktok] because I wanted to find more books from Colleen Hoover,” sophomore Leilani Saldana said. “I think it’s really interesting because I never used to read books, but ever since I read her [books], all I want to do is read.” 

Hoover displays a modern twist between thriller, tension and fictional romance as it becomes more appealing to young adult audiences. TikTok may continue to influence many readers and young adults that stumble across these novels. Due to TikTok and the mixture of these genres, her new novel and prequel, “It Starts With Us,” is expected on Oct. 18. The craze that Hoover built around herself is unmistakable, and if needing to read more stories by her, take a glance at Booktok.