Divide That Supplies

A fun, creative and cute way to divide and keep all supplies in order.

There are plenty of people in the world who know what it feels like to not be organized. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to find the certain item, such as finding that pen, pencil or other writing utensil to finish a homework assignment. To help solve that problem, a supplies divider is a great way to keep supplies together and to make it easy to find.

The first step in making this supplies holder is gathering the supplies. The supplies includes a shoe or cardboard box, cleared paper towel or toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint, a paper plate, paint brushes, scissors and glue. Chloe Moritz

The next step is taking the paint and painting the box and paper rolls the designated color, and then letting them stand out to dry. Chloe Moritz

Once dry, take the rolls and glue them to the bottom inside of the box. When the glue finishes drying, the divider is complete.

“I would definitely use something like that, but I would probably make it shorter so it fits in my art drawer,” senior Colette Mendoza said.

“I would definitely use something like that since I use [a pencil case] anyways,” senior Sarina Kuechle said.

The divider is a great way to hold writing utensils and other supplies all in one place.