Fast Facts about the Month of May

The month of May is known for more than you may realize.


The month of May is known for many events, from graduations to Cinco De Mayo to Star Wars day. May is a little more interesting than just those days. These are just a few fast facts about the month of May.

  1. No United States president has ever died in the month of May. No other month in the year has this distinction.
  2. The month of May was named after the Greek goddess of fertility named Maia.
  3. The month was originally called Maius, but the Romans changed the name to May in 1400’s
  4. During the year no other month begins or ends on the same days that May does.
  5. The Empire State Building was officially opened on May 1, 1931.
  6. The month of May’s birthstone is the emerald which represents love and success.  
  7. May was once considered a bad month to be married. The origin come from an old Irish poem that says “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day.”
  8. The United Kingdom celebrates May as National Smile Month.
  9. Nine Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom where born in May, this is more than any other month.
  10. Four states were admitted into the United States Union in the month of May. South Carolina, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Minnesota all became states between 1788 and 1858.