Antioch Baseball Gets Blown Out by Grant

"Grant week" did not end well for the Sequoits.


Mark Kodiak Ukena

After a hit, Benjamin Gutke throws a ball to first looking to get an out.

After two close games with Grant, the final game did not go as the Sequoits expected. Antioch left the Bulldog’s field on Thursday after a 6-0 loss.

Grant started off strong in the first two innings and did not look back; two home runs in the first inning by Grant’s Ricky Allen pulled the Bulldogs ahead. Two runs were scored in the second and the last two near the end of the game.

Senior Connor Kaiser pitched well during the game, but was replaced in the sixth inning by sophomore Sawyer Phillips. Phillips pitched a good game for the next two innings.

Also in the sixth inning, Antioch got on base for the first time. Junior Patrick Day hit a single which started a handful of hits for the rest of the game.

Senior Brandon Lind thinks that overall the team could have played better. He believes one of the reasons why they did not play well was the team’s inability to hit the ball. This game ended what the players call “Grant week.” The team played the Bulldogs three days in a row. Antioch lost the first game 4-3, won the second 4-2 and lost the last 6-0.

The team is hoping to keep improving as the season progresses and use “Grant week” as a learning experience moving forward.

“We need to get our heads in the game and work as a unit,” Lind said. “We need to focus more in practice and we will do a lot more.”

Antioch will play in back-to-back games against Round Lake next week. The games will be at Round Lake on Tuesday, then at Antioch on Wednesday.