Field Hockey Season Impacted by COVID-19

Field Hockey has been pushed back into the winter, causing the team to adjust to the different circumstances for the season.


Jaxsen Krapf

Maggie Volkmar played field hockey last year. Field hockey being in the spring this year could prove to significantly change the season.

Due to IHSA guidance, field hockey was moved into the back end of the winter season. With the season being moved, there will be many different challenges when playing this outdoor sport in cold weather. The team may have to move indoors to practice and will need to adjust their uniforms accordingly for cold weather play. 


“Playing indoors has different rules on how you can move the ball due to the small spaces in limitations, in addition to the faster playing surface (a floor),” junior varsity field hockey coach Emily Sobczak said.  


There are many techniques and rules on the field when one plays field hockey. One of the common ways to get the ball across the field is driving the ball. On the turf one is not allowed to do this because one would have a big open field where the ball can go, if the season is moved inside, driving will be difficult because the ball has limitations on where it can end up. 


As stated on the District 117 app, the field hockey season will start on Feb. 15, and both practices and games will be scheduled during the athletes spring break. 


Having the games and practices be scheduled during spring break can have an impact on families. For most families, that’s when they go on their vacation. Due to COVID, traveling is heavily suggested against, meaning that most people have postponed their trips. 


“I’m not that excited about playing over spring break because that’s when I go on vacation with my family,” junior Maggie Volkmar said. “I’m excited to be playing field hockey again.” 


Participation for the 2020 season was lower than normal. Since field hockey is an uncommon sport in most areas, people don’t realize that the Antioch Community High School has it available for students. With the season moving to the winter and the scare of COVID-19, it is possible that getting enough players for two teams, varsity and JV, will be difficult. 


“Unfortunately, due to the current climate of the virus, I don’t think I’ll be able to play.” senior Katy Amedeo said.


While the season will be unusual, the players are happy to be returning and be able to get back onto the field. Even though there are going to be a lot of changes to those who will be playing, it is an experience that they can share together and never forget.