Released trailer for the next Disney-Pixar installment excites movie fans and dives into the world of Dory and Nemo once again.

Brittany Bluthardt, Tom Tom Staff

Finally, the beloved and forgetful blue tang fish remembers something. On November 10, 2015, Disney-Pixar released the first of many trailers for the second installment in the Finding Nemo series, Finding Dory. Originally, the film’s trailer was not to be released so quickly, but Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of Dory, revealed a glimpse of the film as well as the potential release date on her talkshow. Based off of the two minute trailer, there is not much to be known about the plot of the movie. Besides the fact that Dory remembers her family and is swimming off to find them, the quick glimpses picture the typical animated humor and adventure of Disney films. After over a century and the pleading of Disney fans, the sequel has high hopes and standards for success. Hopefully, Finding Dory does not fail to disappoint and crumble like most sequelsand produces box office results that sky rocket. The film is to premiere in the summer of 2016, but for now, the trailer is all we have for a look into the depths of Dory’s world.