For A Week: Cell Phones

Three Tom Tom staff members tried going without their phones for a few days.

Diana Anghel – Print Director

Going a day without my phone was fairly easy, as I had just finished a week long break from all my social media. Because of this, I was still accustomed to not being on my phone nearly as much as I typically am. In my classes, I tended to be more attentive and comprehensive of all the information given by my teachers because I didn’t get distracted by Snapchat or text notifications. Being off social media during school was relaxing and I somehow felt less pressure to be up to date with all my friends. Oftentimes, we get too focused on constantly knowing what everyone around us is up to and isolate ourselves in the waves of social media. Overall, I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking to be more focused in class and feel a lesser need to check up with friends to hit the pause button and put aside their phones for a bit.

Emily Higgins – Tom Tom Staff

expected giving up my phone to be hard as I am dependent on my phone for communication, something to lean on during awkward situations and during my free time. The first full day without the device was the hardest; it was a major jump that I had no time to prepare for. After going without my phone for a week, the time I spent on my phone had significantly decreased. I enjoyed the conversations, experiences and connections I had made without the use of technology.

This experiment has really shown me that the bluelight behind the software is a complete distraction from the rest of the world.

Valerie Rasmussen – Tom Tom Staff

At first going without my phone was really hard because I’m so used to having my phone attached at my hip, but as time went on it gradually became easier to live without it. I stopped reaching for my pocket every time I didn’t have something to do. When I began the process, I was scared because I am constantly on my phone and I didn’t know what I would do without it. But I’m really glad I tried it because it has opened my eyes to all the things I could be doing instead of just pulling out my phone. Having that break allowed me to take a step back from my technological world.