Forever 21 Going Out of Business

The popular store Forever 21 might be going out of business before 2020.


Haley Aitken

Forever 21 is a popular store among lots of teenagers.

The popular store Forever 21 has been open since 1984 and it has been said that the store is closing before 2019 ends. There have been many reports that the store is filing for bankruptcy. Many people have also been talking about how it’s not surprising the store is going out business because their clothes are decent until one turns the shirt around and sees their is random words on the back.

“I loved shopping at Forever 21 because they have great prices,” junior Alyssa Colpaert said. “I haven’t been happy with their recent clothes because there are always random phrases on the shirts.”

There are also people that enjoy shopping and the store. Not all the stores clothes are bad and there is reasonable prices for all and good quality clothing.

“I bought a shirt from forever 21 a while ago,” junior Justice Erickson said. “I like the shirt and still wear it to this day.”

There are some people who bought most of their back to school clothes there because the prices are affordable.

“Forever 21 has great prices,” freshman Carissa Lozano said. “I got lots of my clothes there when it was time to go back to school.” 

There has been rumors about the store going out of business before 2019 ends. There are tons of people who would be disappointed because the store is affordable and has good quality clothing.