The Future Sequoits Who Are On Their Way: Gabby Debevec


Lori Debevec

It’s normal to be excited for high school, but eighth grader Gabby Debevec can’t wait to get started playing high school softball. Having played softball since she was six years old, Debevec knows the game and is ready to share her passion with those around her.

“I love that [softball] is a team sport; you win as a team and lose as a team,” Debevec said. “It’s also fast-paced. In softball, I’m always moving around the field.”

Debevec appreciates all aspect of the game and believes it is something she would to to pursue after high school as well. But even though she wants to play in college, Debevec embraces the softball seasons ahead of her.

“I want to play D1 college softball someday, that is my number one goal,” Debevec said. “But another one would be being a great second baseman and being a great hitter for this summer season coming up; I want to be an all around good player.”

Debevec, who now plays travel softball with the Illinois Chill, is hoping to play second base in high school. Being both quick and agile, Debevec is equipped to cover the amount of range being a middle infielder requires.

“Gabby is a good teammate and works really hard,” former teammate freshman Hailey Webb said. “She’s positive and very determined.”

Even though Debevec’s high school softball season does not start for another year, keep an eye out for her as she looks to take her softball career to another level.