Get to Know: Cafe Book

Cafe Book is a quiet coffee shop located in downtown Antioch. It’s the perfect place for students to come in and study.

The interior of Cafe Book was redesigned recently. The new layout allows a larger work space for employees and customers to work in. Their menu, as well as the store itself, is also rapidly expanding.

Cafe Book used to be known as a bookstore with coffee drinks. However, new owner Angela Burns is changing up the shop. 

“We are getting all new coffee drinks and food soon,” Burns said. “We also just remodeled and decorated the shop so we can hold different events.”

Cafe Book recently remodeled their shop to make it a more inviting environment. Cafe Book is also changing their name so people know it is  a coffee shop rather than a book store.

“We have decided to change the name of our shop to Little Bean Coffee Company,” Burns said. “In the past, we used to be more of a bookstore and now we want everyone to know we still sell coffee.” 

The new shop is also designed for students to come in and study if they need a quiet and calm environment away from home.

“We now have rooms that students can reserve to study in,” Burns said. “We also decided to change our hours so that people can come in and study or work.”

Cafe Book is continuing to grow as a business and making new changes to their business.