Grand Opening of New Antioch Flower Shop

Former alumna of Antioch Community High School opens a brand new family run flower shop.

Julia Hackeloer

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Heather Bauspies

Brand new florist shop has grand opening to welcome customers with open arms.

The town of Antioch meets a brand new flower shop called “The Antioch Flower Shop,” opened by a former alumni family of Antioch Community High School. 

“I was so excited to open a shop in town because I love the sense of community and support that Antioch provides to it’s townspeople,” family store owner and ACHS alumna Heather Bauspies said. “Everyone is so supportive and looks out for one another.”

Bauspies has many hopes for the future of the up and starting company. She hopes to have a store that makes a comfortable environment for her customers and that customers will find her family’s store as the go-to for their flower shopping.

“Our goals with the shop are to be the go-to florist in Northern Illinois and the Southern Wisconsin area,” Bauspies said. “We would like the shop to be seen as a community staple.”

As there are many known flower shops in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area, there is potential that a small competition will start between the many shops. However, Bauspies hopes through the opening of the new shop that customers will realize the friendly and open environment that they hold.

“We want generations of families to be able to come to us and show us the flowers that we have provided for their family,” Bauspies said. “We want to be there to provide for someone for their entire life and not just one time.”

Even though Bauspies and her family run the shop, they want their customers to view their shop based off of the work of the florists. They also want to be seen as a shop for customers to feel comfortable and at home in their community.

“We want people to see us for our simple hometown atmosphere and extraordinary quality of work,” Bauspies said. “We hope people will remember not only the service we provide but the way it makes them feel. Helping people and a sense of community runs deep in our family and I would love to continue that.”

The Bauspies family is hopeful for the future as they watch their flower shop grow into something amazing for their hometown community. They have open arms to greeting everyone in and out of the community.