Hoping for a Sectional Title

Girls softball chases a sectional title after winning regionals last year.

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February 16, 2018

The varsity softball team has one goal in mind, and that goal is to win regionals and move on to sectionals.

I hope we all have a lot of fun together and I really want to win regionals and keep our streak going,” junior Megan Lawrence said.

The obvious question for this team is if they can recover from all of the players they lost due to the fact that the majority of seniors were in last years starting lineup.

“Since we had eight seniors graduate last year, we have a lot of room to improve,” junior Abby Pyburn said. “Our team is really young and we have lots to learn about each other. Since the seniors we had last year were pretty much our whole starting lineup, we have to clique with other people and trust other people in other positions.”

They will have some big shoes to fill due to the fact that they also had some strong talent leave. Some of these players are going to have to step up their A-game and excell at the level the seniors played at.

These girls are not just a team, they are also felt as like sisters to one another. They build strong relationships with each one of their teammates. They try to make the most out of the sport when they are about to compete.

“We all love music and always have our pre warm up jams or during warm up jams that hype us up,” Pyburn said. “Since the game is kinda slow we have to find someway to make it super fun and loud by making up stupid chants that make people laugh or just doing funny things. Music is definitely the way to go.”

Pyburn is now being faced with a challenge by having to be one of the players that has to step up on the team due to the fact she has received a position change which isn’t easy in this particular sport.

“I was recently moved to a new position from last year, I know the basics but I have to really focus to be great at it,” Pyburn said. “I can improve by taking as many reps as I can and working outside of school. Reps is all we need to get better and better.”

When an injury occurs to somebody it usually affects someone highly, but not for Lawrence. She fractured her wrist a couple of months ago and since hasn’t looked back.

“Coming back from my wrist being broken has been hard, but I just have to put in some extra work even outside of practice to get myself back to where I was before,” Lawrence said. “I also want to work on being more confident when I play, which is easy to do when you’re surrounded by a lot of your good friends.”