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Practice Uniforms: Trash, Treasure or Tradition

The Antioch Community High School softball program has implemented the softball practice uniforms for years, but to say the least, the opinions on them are skewed.
Aubrey Ultsch
Junior Grace Green modeling the Antioch Community High School varsity softball practice uniforms.

As years pass, appearance in sports have slowly become more distinguished. Sports uniforms are compelling to the public and attract vast opinions: too big, too small, just right, sweet cleats, shiny chains and the opinions go on forever. A frequently used phrase in athletics is “look good, feel good, play good.” It seems that for the Antioch Community High School softball program, this statement does not hold true.

At Antioch varsity softball practice, the well-known groutfits and cardinal red uniforms always stick out. These practice uniforms consist of thick gray pants with broken waistbands, along with heavy see-through jerseys. The uniforms always make for a treat during the hot practices in the gym or the steamy workouts outside. Senior Syerra Gilmore has a distinct opinion about these practice uniforms.

“These uniforms do not fit us right whatsoever,” Gilmore said. “These uniforms did not exceed my low expectations, but they are definitely up there.”

These uniforms have been implemented for the past 15 years. Going into high school, the underclassmen with a future on varsity are typically warned about these uniforms. All current ACHS varsity softball players were introduced to these uniforms for the first time at the beginning of their varsity careers. Junior Jacey Schuler remembers her first thoughts.

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“I have worn these uniforms since my freshman year,” Schuler said. “My first impression was that they were super ugly and old-school, but then I realized they were pretty easy to work with.”

Even though the appearance of these uniforms is the primary downfall, there are a few recurring perks. The thick pants and windbreakers are warm during the frigid outdoor practices at the beginning of the season. Adding on, the two uniforms make for an easy outfit choice. Head varsity softball coach Anthony Rocco describes what he typically hears from his players.

“The one thing we always hear kids say is that they do not have to worry about finding an outfit for practice,” Rocco said. “They always know it is going to be a practice shirt and practice pants.”

The girls have been striving to get rid of these uniforms. The deal is that if the softball team wins a state championship, the uniforms will be gone forever. This goal has the girls working towards a stellar season.

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Aubrey Ultsch
Aubrey Ultsch, Tom Tom Staff
Aubrey is a senior and this is her second year on staff. She loves designing and writing stories that are outside of the box. In her free time, Aubrey enjoys hanging out with her friends, jet skiing, and playing softball for the school. The drive-thru Starbucks has a special place in her heart during off-campus lunch.
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