How to Get Through the Holidays

Holidays are in full swing and some people are in need of preparation.

Mollie Wagner

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It is finally holiday! Marked and written holiday in a calendar.

It is finally holiday! Marked and written holiday in a calendar.

With finals and winter break right around the corner, many people feel the stress and the bustle that comes from the holiday season. Here are some ways to make the next few weeks a little easier on you.

Make a playlist. 

You should keep a few songs within reach at all times. There are days where you just need a little motivation, and it will be easier to do the things that take the extra effort when you’re listening to your favorite jams.

Be constructive to others. 

Finals and holidays  are known for being the most stressful time of the year and it can tend to get the best of us. If you’re in a tough spot, don’t drag other people down with you. Encourage those around you, be helpful and be kind. Everyone alongside you is just trying to make it.

When the going gets tough, hold your ground.

While life starts getting shaky with everything piled on your plate, stand tall. Make lists of things you want or need to accomplish, find time to do the things you enjoy, read the book, write the paper, and breathe a little. Have a brainstorming session, and sink your teeth into the things that you need to accomplish. You’ll thank yourself later.

Have patience with people around you and yourself. 

Waiting is painful. Whether you’re anxious about your grades or what to get your mom for Christmas, it’s difficult to remain calm and patient during a time that’s so crucial and time consuming. Don’t wait until last minute to accomplish what you need too. Plan days to study for each class and spread out your Christmas shopping so you aren’t what overwhelmed.