How to Pitch a Softball

The basics of how to pitch a softball.

Softball has a different way of pitching compared to baseball; instead of throwing overhand, they throw underhand. Pitching in softball is one of the hardest things to do on the field.

“I feel like it’s hard if you’ve never done it before, and it takes a lot of practice and hard work to be accurate,” junior Amber Blake said.

First, the player puts both feet on the back of the rubber, because if either foot is not in contact with the rubber or is exceeding the sides, it is illegal. Then most pitchers step back and rock on that back foot to gain some momentum. Lunging forward while spinning their arms backwards so they can throw the ball to the batter. Some pitchers land towards the batter, or they finish and turn to the side, both work.

There are also different pitches players can throw just like in baseball. The first basic one is the fastball, every pitcher can throw a fastball. Then there are changeups, curveballs, drop pitch and the rise ball. There are just different grips to hold the softball so you can throw those different types of pitches.

“I throw a fastball, changeup, screwball, drop ball, curveball and drop curve,” Blake said.