J.W. Basilo Workshop Guides Students to Finding Inspiration

The Storytellers Series covers many different forms of storytelling; J.W. Basilo has about done them all.

Podcasts are a relatively new form of media, covering topics ranging from politics to comedy. Today, most people with a smartphone have access to a wide digital library of podcasts; however, before there were podcasts, the radio was the only place that one could be famous solely for their voice.

Listening to the radio was one of J.W. Basilo’s favorite hobbies, and he hoped he could one day pursue a career on the radio. A short conversation with Basilo would automatically lead one to believe he could become famous for his voice alone. Ultimately, that is what he did. Little did he know, one of his biggest successes would be on a completely new platform of radio: podcasts.

Basilo is most known for his podcast “Busted Mouth”. He found inspiration for “Busted Mouth” when he was not happy with what he was hearing on the radio; his podcast is basically what he believed was missing from the radio. He includes conversations, stories and some music here and there. “Busted Mouth” is available on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify. Coming full circle, it also airs on the radio on Que4 Radio.

In addition to his radio and podcast career, Basilo has also partaken in other forms of media, such as writing and performing.

Due to Basilo’s wide range of expertise, he was able to assist ACHS students in pursuing their own professional careers during an ACHS Storytellers Series workshop on April 3.

Senior Allton Nicolai was able to receive career advice from Basilo. Nicolai’s interest in the video game “Fortnite” ultimately led him to considering a career in commentary. Sophomore Molly Adams also received advice from Basilo. She has a passion in performing, and has also been very successful on the speech team, advancing to Nationals. Adams’ interests inspired her to consider a career on the radio. No matter which form of media one may be pursuing, Basilo is able to offer guidance.

In regards to becoming successful in making podcasts, Basilo claims that one must have a specific reason for listeners to listen. On the contrary, Basilo also claims that you only need one thing.

“Anybody with a voice can start,” Basilo said.