Lack of Training Leads to Increased Injuries in NFL

The beginning of the 2020-2021 NFL season was postponed due to COVID-19, cutting mostly from their training time, leading to an increase in injuries.


Kyle Miller

Shortened NFL season caused record breaking injuries this season so far.

The National Football League was forced to go under quarantine before the season started. This caused the players, coaches and teams to miss out on a very crucial part of the season: training camp. Training camp allows for the coaches to evaluate the players and the players to get conditioned and ready for the games. Without this part of the season, it has caused a lot of problems for teams and players through the league. 


The NFL is on pace to break the injury season record, the amount of injuries a year. At this time, there are 583 injuries according to Pro Football Reference. One of the teams that is having the worst time with this is the San Francisco 49ers. Coming off of a Super Bowl appearance, the 49ers had high hopes for this season. As the weeks passed, more and more injuries accumulated. Their key players are out with full season injuries. They have 24 players injured and 11 of them were returning starters. 


“The NFL has been getting a lot more serious this year with injuries as seen by ¾’s of the 49ers,” junior Brock Sooley said. “I never really realized how much the training camps physically prepared players. I now believe that with the NFL losing its training camp this year and their preseason it has mentally and physically harmed many players. Especially the 49ers, who were poised to make a super bowl run.”


Many fans were super excited to get the NFL back on track and the season to start but no one knew at what cost. Junior Roberto Dominguez is a big football fan.His favorite team is the New York Giants who just lost their best player, Saquan Barkely. 


“I feel that because of there not being a training camp, the players bodies are not conditioned,” Dominguez said. “When they get into high stress game situations, their bodies would just break down. If the players had more time they would be used to the abrupt stress that they are being put under in the games.”

Even though the NFL is back, it is being very resentful. It is very hard for fans to see their favorite players get hurt each and every week, causing their teams to suffer.