Lacrosse Postion: Midfielder

Midfielders require a lot of skill to be success which makes it one of the most important positions in lacrosse.

Lacrosse Postion: Midfielder

Like many other sports, Lacrosse has multiple positions that require different physical skills to be successful. The most difficult position in Lacrosse is the midfielder; it is the most physically demanding, and athletes have to be very intelligent when making plays and decisions on the field.

“As a midfielder, one of the primary goals is to transition the ball from offense to defense,” sophomore William Piper said.

Transitioning the ball from offense to defense is one of the most important parts of Lacrosse because it gets the ball out of D117 territory and brings it into enemy territory, giving D117 a scoring opportunity.

As a midfielder, athletes need to have great physical strength and stamina.

“We have to run up and down the field a lot throughout the game. We also have to be super aggressive; ff we aren’t aggressive, we will not do well and it will affect our team,” sophomore Tyson Baker said.

Running up and down a field after a long time is very difficult task for any athlete to do. Playing aggressive is also very difficult because midfielders have to have more strength, speed and intensity than their opponents.

Come watch the D117 Lacrosse team at their next game April 12, at Grayslake Central High School.