Loco for Lolo’s

Lolo’s Bowls is an açaí shop located in Libertyville, Ill., offering trendy food that is up and coming.


Emma Kolloff

Small buisness Lolos is the hot spot for a sweet treat

Lolo’s Bowls is a popular açaí place located about 30 minutes away from Antioch in Libertyville. The owner, Lauren Schick, a Libertyville High School alumna, started this business to bring a taste of Hawaii to Illinois. Schick started this business back in Oct. of 2019 with the help of her family. Not many people know what açaí is, so Schick wanted to bring a taste to Lake County. 

According to WebMD, Açaí is a palm tree found throughout South America. Its berries are dark purple and are used to make medicine. Acai contains antioxidants which are thought to protect cells from damage.

Lolo’s sells three different sizes of açaí bowls: a small, which is $8.50, a regular being $10.50 and large pricing at $12.50. They also have five signature bowls with a lot of customizable options. While Lolo’s is known for its fantastic açaí bowls, they also sell smoothies.

Junior Alex Lehn’s go-to is an açaí base topped with pineapple, coconut shred, chia seeds, honey and granola, also known as the Hawaiian bowl.

Junior Alex Lehn’s go-to bowl: HAWAII
– acai base topped with pineapple, coconut shred, chia seeds, honey and granola (Photo from lolosbowls.com.)

If you are not a big fan of Lehn’s option, you can go with something that might be more your speed.

Senior Brant Becker’s regular order is the classic chocolate.

The chocolate bowl is açaí base topped with bananas, cacao nibs, almond slices, Nutella and granola.

Senior Brant Becker’s go-to bowl: CHOCOLATE
– acai base topped with bananas, cacao nibs, almond slices, Nutella and granola (Photo from lolosbowls.com.)

Lolo’s has a plethora of additional toppings so everyone can be satisfied with their order. Some of these include chia and flax seeds, honey and agave for $.50. Almond slices, cacao nibs, coconut oil and coconut shreds for $.75. Peanut, almond and granola butter, chocolate drizzle, a variety of fruit and cashews for $1. 

Lolo’s is also accommodating to those with allergies. They offer gluten-free granola and can substitute anything out of a bowl if they are aware of the allergy. They are cautious when it comes to cross-contamination of food as well. Lolo’s Bowls can be a far drive for Antioch residents, but many consumers say it is well worth the drive.  

“I always go with friends,” Becker said. Just because it’s fun to make a trip out of it because it is a little far.” 

 If you are willing to make the drive, Lolo’s is a very healthy food option and a great experience for those wanting to try something new and refreshing.