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Math team takes on regionals

11 math team members had one unified goal: to make it all the way to state.
The ACHS math Sin(dicate) competed in a remote regional on Saturday, Feb. 26.

On Feb. 26, 2022, the Antioch Community High School math team competed at regionals. The math team is coached by Megan Troyer and Christopher Stanich, who are two math teachers at ACHS. The team in the past is known to do well at regionals. 

I am extremely proud of how we did,” Troyer said. “It’s hard to get a good picture because we competed as a satellite school and didn’t travel per covid protocols. In comparison to how we’ve done in previous years, we did well.”

Due to COVID-19, regionals were hosted by each individual school and scores and answer sheets were sent in for finalization. Placements are not announced right away after regionals.

Each member takes a different level of math test and then it gets submitted to the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics for scoring. To qualify for state, all the tests have to be scored and then qualifications are based on the scores. 

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Emily Olszowy

“We have a high score from each level Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus,” Troyer said. “We also only had one team compete for each team test freshman/sophomore 8 Person, junior/senior 8 Person, Calculator.”

Math team is not only about competing at a high level; it also creates memorable memories. 

“My favorite highlight [from regionals] was seeing everyone talk and encourage each other during the team competitions,” Troyer said. 

In previous years, the team has had multiple people qualify for state. As of right now, the math team will find out state qualifiers and placements on March 2. 

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