Meningitis Shot Required for College Bound Seniors

The chances of contracting Meningitis as a young adult are increased, therefore all seniors who plan to go to college are required to receive the Meningitis vaccination.


Clay Vesser

Required Meningitis Shot

One-third of people who get the meningococcal disease are teens, which is why the importance of seniors getting the vaccine prior to college has been intensified. 10 to 15 percent of people who contract this disease will die, even when given antibiotics.

Meningitis is a disease when the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord become infected. Symptoms include fevers, headache and stiff neck and can develop within days of exposure to the disease. Other symptoms include confusion, nausea, sensitivity  to light, exhaustion and possibly rash.

The disease is spread by sharing of secretions from the mouth or nose. Kissing, sharing chapstick, sharing drinks, coughing and close contact can put people to risk of contracting Meningitis.

Seniors have been required to have this vaccination prior to college because of the exposure to new places and new people.

All entering college students are required to have the shot at least ten days before the semester begins.