Movie Review: In the Tall Grass

The movie In the Tall Grass has people trembling with all the thrills it has offers.


Courtesy of Netflix

Although many students enjoyed “Into the Tall Grass”, it appears that many critics didn’t. There was a 40 percent rating by Rotten Tomatoes.

“In the Tall Grass” is a Netflix original horror movie directed by, Vincenzo Natali. It was released on October 4, 2019. The movie is based off of the novel written by Stephen King and Joe Hill. The film is about a brother and sister named Cal and Becky DeMuth. They bend space and time when they go into the tall grass trying to find a little boy who they heard screaming for help. The deeper they go into the grass the more lost they become; the sooner they realize there is no way to escape. Something evil starts to wander through the grass that approaches and surrounds them. 

“In the Tall Grass” is a gory and violent movie that I don’t recommend for everyone. It has many violent scenes where you see the characters get murdered, disturbing images and aggressive language. 

“It was a good thriller,” senior Jillian Watkinson said. “The plot was kind of confusing because it would switch between reality and other times.”

Throughout the movie, the grass is represented in the perspectives of other people. As they would show the grass in the viewpoints of the other people lost, the time periods would change as well. The film would show the time of day it was and the events that occurred before they entered the grass. The film also shows the details of how the little boy ended up in the grass, what happened to the boy’s mother, father and dog who were also in the grass. Additionally, they would switch back to the present times with people looking for Becky and Cal. Becky’s ex-boyfriend went looking for them. He then sauntered upon her car as he was driving by. Watching the movie you may think they weren’t in the grass for very long, but the car reveals a different perspective from all the dust, dirt and moldy food shown in the car.

“In the Tall Grass was a very good movie,” junior Amber Carson said. “I liked that it was more of a thriller than a horror movie. The actors were very good in it. Sometimes Netflix shows aren’t the best but this movie definitely changed my mind.”

While watching the movie, there are details to pay close attention to with all that is consistently happening. There was never a dull moment in the film and there was always something to keep you intrigued. “In the Tall Grass” is a film I would recommend if you enjoy thriller and suspense.