New Lacrosse Team

District 177 adds lacrosse as a new sport.

New Lacrosse Team

The newest sport to come to District 117 is boys lacrosse. Lacrosse is a sport that requires the skill mixture of hockey, football and basketball.  This is the first year athletes can compete and play in at District 117. Both Antioch and Lakes have combined their players to make one great team.  

“This is my first year in lacrosse, and I’m very excited,” junior Dylan Lampert said.

The new sport is drawing a lot of attention from all different grade levels.

“I am really looking forward to get the basics and then improve them into really good skills.” Lampert said. 

Lampert and a lot of other new players to the sport really want to get the basics down, and then work on improving those skills. The skills are very different compared to other sports; in lacrosse, players have to carry the stick and pick up the ball. In hockey, players cannot do that, they have to keep their stick and puck on the ice. In basketball, players dribble the ball rather than carrying it.

A more experienced player in lacrosse is freshman Bradley Heath.

“I play attack or midfield, that’s where smaller, quicker and more elusive players play. The bigger players play defense,” Heath said.

Similar to football, most of the bigger and aggressive players play on defense.

“I want to have a great season as a team this year and show everyone that lacrosse really is a great sport,” said Heath.

Since lacrosse is less-known than the rest of the sports, Heath and many of his teammates want to show what lacrosse is really all about and that it is a great sport for everyone to play.