New Teacher Meghan McDonnell Comes to Antioch

Meghan McDonnell is one of the many new teachers at Antioch Community High School.


New social studies teacher Meghan McDonnell moved to Antioch to be closer to her family as well as to help and educate her students. The idea of people being nervous their first day didn’t apply to McDonnell as she approached her fifth year teaching, her first at ACHS. She only felt excitement to meet the students she’d be teaching for the next ten months.

McDonnell felt that this year, if anyone were to be scared, it’d be her students. Nevertheless, she wasn’t as confident her first ever year teaching.

“[I was] probably a nice nine out of ten [for nervousness],” McDonnell said. “I had a different circumstances. I came in for a teacher on medical leave and he was well established, everyone loved him and was a phenomenal teacher. And so a new little girl sounds really nervous, but it ended up being wonderful as well, so it worked out.”

McDonnell’s students are both freshman and seniors; her two classes are Advanced Placement Government and Global Studies. While the grades have their differences, both share their own kinds of excitement.

When she was in high school, it was a freshman teacher that inspired McDonnell and fueled her appreciation for teaching. The love for all things government started as a hobby. As a child, when she would play “school” with her friends, she was the one who always wanted to play the role of the teacher.

Her high school in Darien, Illinois was where McDonnell discovered her love for global issues and joined Model United Nations.

Each year before school starts, the new staff become acquainted with one another at teacher orientation. McDonnell felt it replicated high school, they sat with people they barely knew. It was when the relationships started building that the uncomfortable atmosphere wore off. Fortunately for McDonnell, she clicked well with everybody, especially the social studies department. Through it all, it’s been the friendships between colleagues that matter to her.  

The students also help to create a good environment for a new teacher. McDonnell is all about her work place being a community where students have positive attitudes. She feels fortunate to be a part of a school with lots of school spirit.