No Fear, Pumpkin Spice is Here

Delicious is an understatement for this season’s biggest hit.

One way to keep customers returning, is by adding to the menu. Places such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts add new drinks to their menu, influenced by the season. Now that fall is around the corner, they are bringing back their highly anticipated pumpkin spice flavored coffee.

Pumpkin spice coffee can be enjoyed in multiple ways: hot, iced, or even frozen. Not only is pumpkin spice a coffee, it can also be enjoyed as a frappuccino, latte, creamer, and even a donut.

“I really love pumpkin spice this time of year because it is warm and cinnamony , it’s perfect for the cooler autumn weather,” said junior Zoe Speich.

Speich is a fan of the flavor pumpkin spice. She drinks coffee everyday, and gets creative by how she intakes the festive autumn flavor.

“I usually drink coffee from home with creamer and around this time of year I always have pumpkin spice coffee creamer,” Speich said.

The sad part about seasonal drinks, is that they are seasonal. When fall starts coming to a close, baristas will start ordering less of the fan favorite. But there’s no need to worry, once winter arrives, there will be seasonal drinks introduced to fit the season’s upcoming holiday events. As for now, do not take pumpkin spice for granted. Fall is short lived, so do not waste time. Go try a delicious pumpkin spice coffee and watch as the beautiful leaves fall, as for autumn is here.