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Painting memories

All Antioch Community High School students who have their driver’s license pay for a parking spot, and all seniors get the choice to park in the upper lot, closest to the school. Many other schools allow seniors to paint their parking spots as part of celebrating the end to their high school education.
Taylor Clark
Many schools allow their senior students to paint their parking spots as a final way to capture their memories.

Senior year is the last chance to create everlasting memories with one’s peers before graduating. Many high school seniors have wanted to paint their own parking spots as a way to create memories. Students at ACHS have been yearning to be able to have the opportunity to show off their creativity. 

According to a recent Instagram poll on Sequoit Media, 97% of students said they would like the opportunity to personalize an upper lot parking spot. 

Senior Molly Williams shared how she felt about the opportunity to personalize parking spots. Williams shared how she feels about showing off her creativity, many other seniors could feel the same way. 

“I think it would be a lot less stressful for people, it would also give seniors a sense of community within the school,” Williams said. 

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Painting is known to help calm people’s anxiety and helps to express their creativity. Even though many students think this is a good idea, it does not mean that it can fully go through due to possible challenges the school may face. 

Dean of Students Patricia McGuigan explained why this idea would be difficult. McGuigan explained that not only seniors drive to school but juniors and seniors do as well, which may make it difficult to have seniors paint their parking spots.  

“The top SAT test scorers can choose if they want one of the upper lot spots, and they paint a board and put it in the parking spot,” Mcguigan said. 

It will be a difficult process and even though most seniors may not get the chance to paint their own parking spots they can strive to get a high SAT score and receive their own board to paint. As of right now, the possibility of seniors painting their own parking spots is slim. 

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