Pet Friendly Washes at Tractor Supply Co.

The pet washing station is available with supplies for owners to clean their pets.


Gabrielle Debevec

The pet washing station in Tractor Supply co. features two stations to wash pets. It supplies customers with soap, conditioner and a dryer.

Tractor Supply Co. in Antioch has been offering the pet washing station to customers ever since it opened in 2018. Pet washes no longer have to be outside or in a bathtub; any pet on a leash is welcome to use the pet washing station for under $10. The Tractor Supply Co. supplies shampoo, conditioner, towels and a blow dryer so that pets can be properly cleaned and groomed by their owners.  

Tractor supply has always been very pet-oriented, and identified a need for a place for customers to wash their pets,” store manager Jason Forest said. “We’ve seen dogs, cats, mini horses and even a pig in our pet wash.” 

Tractor Supply Co. sees around 40 pets daily at their pet washing station. At times there can be a long line of pets waiting to be cleaned; so while two dogs are being washed, the others have to wait outside the room. 

We provide two stations [for washing the pets] in an enclosed room,” Forest said. “It is a first-come, first-serve wash, and often times we have dogs waiting to be washed.” 

According to the Tractor Supply Co. website, there are several different brands of food and a variety of toys, collars and leashes that can be purchased in the store just after a dog is given a clean wash. After the owner is done washing their pet, the employees take care of the stations so they are clean and tidy for the next pet. 

“The Tractor Supply Co’s washing station was in very good condition because the workers keep it clean and ready to use for everyone,” freshman Carissa Lozano said. 

Washing a pet at Tractor Supply Co. is an alternative to cleaning a pet outside or in the bathtub. Everything needed to wash a pet is available for use to anyone willing to bring their dog to the pet washing station.